Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry but Deep in Tennessee

Sorry its been so long on Sept 20th Andrew nd Myself walked in to the Woods
In Demascuss Virginia
we have hiked about 50 miles so far in to the Appelacheas.
We have hit 5 great camp sites.
getting bombarded by accorns all night and day
oAK TREES every where
had dinner in a hick bar where they talk about "hanging,shooting,andthen punching niggers"
we were pretty scared
last night we found such a good camp site were gonna stay there a second night by a river pretty sweet

then tomarrow we head on a 6 night journey over ronin mountain over to Erwin Tennessee.

ill try and write from there as well

all right gotta get drink a dr.pepper mabey a few margarittas eat a cat fish , get that food and jet back into the woods.

over and out

p.s. we hate camp food